Key to success in football is professionalism

The 2018-2019 I league season is over and Chennai City Fc has been crowned the champions. It ended with some controversies and a lot of drama from East Bengal fans fearing about Minerva letting Chennai City Fc take away the title to Minerva’s decision in the middle of the last game to substitute some of their key players.

But at the end of the day, we can keep aside all these things and can analyze what we learned from this years I league season. The two most professional team in the league came winner and runner up. Both Chennai City Fc and East Bengal have shown that through professionalism how a team can achieve its targets especially East Bengal.

A famous club in India where some of the gems of Indian football have played. You can take some name in the likes of Surajit Sengupta, Subhash Bhowmik, Shyam Thapa, Sudhir Karmakar, Baichung Bhutia, Debjit Ghosh, Deepak Mondal, Surkumar Singh, Alvito D Cunha to name a few. The club had a rich history of playing good football against foreign clubs makes them a club with a tagline “never lose before losing”.

Not only in the playing department but also their fan base is hard to ignore. Having this much legacy it is obvious that the supporters will demand success every year. But after 2003-2004 season the club saw a downward trend in their delivering of success and this lead to a 16-year gap of winning the I league which is a massive setback for a club like East Bengal and their large fan base all over the world.

You can’t imagine Real Madrid or Barcelona not winning the La Liga for as long as 16 years. Here comes the question of professionalism. At the time ( 2005 – 2006 ) of the Philippe De Ridder era, East Bengal came second in the National football league but one of the reasons for not winning the title is a miff between him and the star striker at that time Mike Okoro in the middle of the league.

Can you imagine this type of incidents in a professional set up? In the season 2017 – 2018 East Bengal was having the best players in the country. From Jakichand Singh to Romeo Fernandes, Bikash jairu to Rowlin Borges, Rahul Bheke to Narayan Das. Every single player was the best in the country in their respective positions but the club was lacking professionalism. Trevor never used Romeo or Jakichand in the starting line up and given chances to players whom he coached in his previous spell in the club.

But the club officials never ever held a meeting with the coach about the reason of those star players exclusion from the team rather please the fans the club released some videos of the players telling they are very happy at the club. Even a kid can understand a player like Romeo can’t be happy by sitting on the bench after playing under Zico and got the certificate that he can play for a foreign club. It is a lack of professionalism which causes East Bengal the title. In the year 2018 – 2019 Quess acquired a certain portion of a share of the club and brings a professional mindset in the club leads to the appointment of Alejandro and team.

Alejandro got a team which you can’t compare with the team Morgan got in 2016 – 2017 or Ridder got in 2005 – 2006. In Alejandro’s team, he is having players like Vidyasagar Singh, Surabuddin Mullick, Brandon, Samad Ali Mullick in the bench. Can you even compare them with Romeo, Jakichand, Mohammad Rafique? But what the team really had was professional in every aspect. From supporting the coach even after losing 3 back to back matches to arranging special kits for the players before Real Kashmir match. This proves that not only you need good players but also thorough professionalism to win a league or a title in the era of modern football. And last but not the least Good days are coming for East Bengal.