Ronaldo transfer news

The most shocking news in the upcoming transfer market is Ronaldo is not happy with Juve’s transfer policy and willing to leave the club. According to sources revealed that Ronaldo once again is eager to join Real Madrid after Zidane took the charge of the club. Zidane also talked with Florentino Perez about his plans and Perez has given the green signal to him. Now Juve wants to keep their prize player but Ronaldo is not happy at all and especially is not happy with Allegri and keen to reunite with his former boss. Marcelo also welcomed the idea of Zidane to bring back Ronaldo and said Ronaldo makes the team best in the world and we love him. Zidane said Ronaldo and I both want to reunite and lift both La Liga and champions league next season with Real madrid and transfer fee will not be the obstacle for ronaldo to come to madrid. According to pundits Juve is planning to convince ronaldo and they are even ready to sack Allegri for keeping ronaldo. But if ronaldo still want to leave then they will demand 100 million euro transfer fee from madrid which is according to pundits is not a problem for madrid. Now it will be interesting to see in the transfer market whether Ronaldo is going to leave Juve only after one year or he juve will succed in their task to covince ronaldo to stay.

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